Rephrasing Conditionals

Let’s practice rephrasing!

  • Transform the following sentences without changing the meaning. Use first, second and third conditional sentences.
  1. Mary didn’t feed the dog. It is hungry.
  2. My neighbour uses pesticides in his garden. He harms bees.
  3. John isn’t a good friend. He never listens to me when I talk to him.
  4. I didn’t write to Mary. I couldn’t find her address.
  5. Take you umbrella or you’ll get wet.
  6. Mike couln’t reach the top shelf because he wasn’t tall enough.

2 Responses to “Rephrasing Conditionals”

  1. Carla dice:

    Hope you have a great time with this grammar challenge!!!

  2. Adnan dice:

    Thank you :) İ need learning english :)

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